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Gummy Calcium Milk Coffee Flavor ORIHIRO


ORIHIRO Gummy Calcium Milk со вкусом кофе

Кальций - это макроэлемент, который играет ключевую роль в поддержании общего состояния здоровья. В сочетании с элементами, необходимыми для его усвоения, он участвует в работе нервной системы, улучшает физическую форму и умственную работоспособность, борется с переломами и укрепляет зубы и костную ткань. Кальций повышает иммунитет, является наиболее оптимальным антигистаминным и противовоспалительным средством. Под его воздействием наблюдается укрепление стенки сосудов и капилляров.

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ORIHIRO Gummy Calcium Milk Coffee Flavor

Calcium is a macronutrient that is key to maintaining overall health. In combination with the elements necessary for its assimilation, it participates in the work of the nervous system, improves physical fitness and mental performance, fights fractures and strengthens teeth and bone tissue. Calcium enhances immunity, is the most optimal antihistamine and anti-inflammatory agent. Under its influence, strengthening of the wall of blood vessels and capillaries is observed. In combination with accompanying elements, calcium regulates metabolism. Such an abundance of positive properties contributed to the development of dietary supplements containing this element, because not only adults, but also children need it.BAD from Japan Orihiro Calcium contains the following components along with calcium: 1. Magnesium. Promotes the mineralization and formation of dental and bone tissue, as well as the normalization of the heart muscle and proper blood circulation. 2. Vitamin D3. Improves absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract, helps to build muscle and strengthen bone tissue. Lack of vitamin D3 leads to a decrease in the level of calcium in the body, even if there is sufficient intake. Therefore, this element is essential for the full absorption of calcium. 3. Lactic acid bacteria. They increase immunity, improve the absorption of food, keep them neutralize harmful microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract and produce B vitamins. They also contribute to the prevention and help to cope with dysbacteriosis. Effect on the body. vitamin D3 and calcium in the body; • prevention of osteoporosis, which increasingly affects people at a young age; • normalization of metabolism and heart function; • prevention of oral diseases (demineralization of enamel, caries, etc.); • strengthening of bone tissue; • regulation gaining muscle mass; • improving the functioning of the nervous system, eliminating nervousness and irritability; • maintaining normal blood clotting, preventing chronic bleeding (for example, nosebleeds). The drug is especially useful in case of an increased body need for calcium, for example, in old age, during during pregnancy and lactation, and also in the first 3 years of menopause, when the destruction of bones increases in the female body. Orihiro Calcium is also recommended for children during the period of intensive growth, because for the normal formation of bone tissue, a high amount of calcium is required. For the purpose of prevention, Orihiro Calcium is recommended in courses of one month. It is recommended to repeat such courses of admission at least 3 times a year. It is better to take the drug in the off-season and during periods of peak epidemics, when the body especially needs nutritional components. Due to the coffee-milk taste, children like chewable tablets, because they are not at all perceived as medicine. After taking Orihiro Calcium, a pleasant aftertaste remains. You can buy a pleasant-tasting and very useful dietary supplement Calcium from Orihiro from us. We offer the best prices and guarantee fast delivery of products. 5 pcs (2.5 mg) contains: 350 mg calcium (51%), 40 mg magnesium (13%), vitamin 5.0 Myug D (91 Pasento) Ingredients: sugar, dolomite , maltose, skimmed milk powder, coffee powder, starch, vegetable lactic acid bacteria (bactericidal) / mollusc Ca, sucrose fatty acid ester, flavoring, sweetener (aspartame L-phenylalanine compound, sucralose) Directions for use: 5 tablets in chew thoroughly a day.


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