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List of products by brand ORIHIRO

  • 1972
  • December

Established Tsuruta Shoji Co., Ltd. with a capital of 2.5 million yen for the purpose of manufacturing konjac manufacturing machines and food packaging machines.

  • 1973
  • March

Opened Tokyo Sales Office (currently Tokyo Branch)

  • June

Opened Osaka Sales Office (currently Osaka Branch)

  • August

Sendai Sales Office opened

  • 1975
  • May

Fukuoka sales office opened

  • 1976
  • May

Opened Nagoya Sales Office

  • 1977
  • March

Launched health food "Haimannan"
Established Health Food Division

  • 1978
  • June

Machine shop established

  • 1981
  • July

Sapporo sales office opened

  • 1983
  • August

Company name changed to "Orihiro Co., Ltd."
CI introduced

  • 1984
  • April

Introduced the first computer

  • 1985
  • April

Headquarters new office building completed
Headquarters distribution center opened
EOS ordering business started

  • October

Released "Night Diet"

  • 1986
  • July

Health Food Division Tokyo Sales Headquarters opened

  • 1987
  • April

Established Orihiro Engineering Co., Ltd. in Takasaki City

  • 1988
  • October

Established Orihiro Raw Material Factory Co., Ltd. (currently Orihiro Material Co., Ltd.) in Tomioka City

  • 1989
  • June

Introduced a secondary computer

  • 1992
  • March

Hiroshima sales office opened

  • 1993
  • June

Completion of new head office distribution center Established
Orihiro DHC Co., Ltd. in Tomioka City

  • 1994
  • April

Opened Osaka distribution center Opened
Shizuoka sales office

  • June

Introduced the third computer

  • October

Sapporo distribution center opened

  • 1995
  • January

Takasaki head office building completed
Kita Kanto sales office opened

  • May

Fukuoka distribution center opened

  • July

Sapporo sales office building completed

  • 1996
  • May

Headquarters moved to Takasaki

  • 1997
  • March

Machine shop established and relocated to Takasaki City

  • August

Yokohama sales office opened

  • 2003
  • May

Changed the company name of Orihiro Day H.C. Co., Ltd. to Orihiro Plandu Co., Ltd.

  • 2004
  • January

Established and relocated a health food factory in Takasaki City

  • November

Sapporo distribution center relocation

  • Year 2005
  • February

Tokyo branch relocation

  • June

Sendai Sales Office relocated
Sendai Distribution Center established

  • 2007
  • February

Suzhou Oryoku rareд№ђжњєжў°Co., Ltd.В established

  • 2009
  • September

Osaka branch relocation

  • 2010
  • June

Suzhou Oryoku rareд№ђжњєжў°factory completed

  • year 2012
  • January

Orihiro More Zeria Co., Ltd. new factory completed

  • 2016
  • January

ORIHIRO PRANDU Co., Ltd. factory expansion

  • 2016
  • March

Established ORIHIRO USA, INC.

  • 2017
  • February

Orihiro More Zeria New Tomioka Distribution Center Completed

  • 2017
  • March

Fukuoka distribution center relocation

  • 2019
  • July

Established ORIHIRO Headquarters and ORIHIRO Prandu Factory in Takasaki Smart IC Industrial Park


December 1972


32.76 million yen


Representative Director Orihiro Tsuruta

Street address

1886 Watanukimachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

гЂ’370-1207 TEL. (027) 353-5611 (main)

Business content

1. Manufacture and sale of health foods

2. Sales of cosmetics

3. Design, manufacture and sale of food packaging machines and plants

4. Manufacture and sale of konjac ingredients

5. Sales of packaging materials

Main client

Nationwide drug stores, pharmacies / drug stores, department stores, supermarkets, natural food stores, drug wholesalers, medical miscellaneous goods wholesalers, food wholesalers, and other national food manufacturing industries

Major banks

Gunma Bank, Mizuho Bank

related company

Orihiro Plandu Co., Ltd.В 
Orihiro Engineering Co., Ltd.В 
Orihiro Material Co., Ltd.

Member group

Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association

Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science

Japan Nutrition Council

Chemical Society of Japan

Japanese Society of Agricultural Chemicals

Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

Japan Food Chemistry Crafts Association

National Honey Fair Trade Council

National Royal Jelly Fair Trade Council

Consumer-related expert meeting (ACAP)

Moromi Vinegar Fair Trade Council

All Japan Confectionery Association

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