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Ginkgo biloba leaf extract and DHA to enhance intelligence and memory Orihiro from Ginkgo leaf DHA ( for 30 days)

  • Ginkgo biloba is a unique complex of natural ingredients,
  • - normalizes cerebral and peripheral blood circulation,
  • - contributes to the restoration of memory, hearing, vision, speech and motor functions deteriorated as a result of age-related changes,
  • - eliminates circulatory insufficiency (including atherosclerotic and age-related origin),
  • - restores the elasticity and strength of blood vessels,
  • - prevents thrombosis of cerebral and coronary vessels,
  • - improves the nutrition of the heart muscle,
  • - has antioxidant properties,
  • - helps to maintain the integrity and permeability of the cell wall and prevent bronchoconstriction (asthma attacks), - has a sedative (calming) and antispasmodic effect,
  • - reduces symptoms of depression and maintains a good mood.
  • Benefits of omega 3 for a healthy lifestyle:
  • • beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels
  • • contributes to the proper development of the brain
  • • takes part in the conversion of fats
  • • helps maintain cholesterol levels
  • • maintains a normal concentration of triglycerides in the blood.

  EMS Japan

/4-7 days - North America/2-7 - days Asia/3-10 - days Europe/

High content of omega 3 of exclusively natural origin.

The omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA are found in most cells in the human body. The body is unable to synthesize them on its own and therefore must obtain high-quality omega 3 acids from external sources. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the main constituent of nerve cells in the brain, contributes to its proper development. EPA (eicosapethenic acid) is involved in the transfer of signals in the nervous system.

Ginkgo biloba is a preventive, general tonic (a source of flavonoids) that improves cerebral and peripheral circulation, especially for the elderly, is a powerful stimulant of memory, concentration and mental acuity.

Ginkgo biloba extract enhances microcirculation throughout the body, improves capillary blood supply, and supplies oxygen to the heart, brain and limbs. Stimulates memory and mental performance.

Together with omega 3, ginkgo biloba reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and heart attacks, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents premature aging, has a sedative effect, helps with dizziness, headaches and hearing loss.

It is very easy to overcome age-related memory impairment and decrease in intelligence with Orihiro Ginkgo and DHA extract. The drug restores the protective layer of nerve cells in the brain tissues, improves cerebral circulation and cleanses blood vessels, reduces the risk of stroke and aneurysm, and optimizes the consumption of oxygen and glucose by the brain. Ginkgo, bioactive acids and B vitamins accelerate intellectual activity, improve the quality of memory and concentration, have a positive effect on cognitive abilities, significantly increase working capacity, and also help to fully rest and recover after a hard day at work.

Composition (1 capsule): Ginkgo leaf extract - 60 mg; refined fish oil -100 mg; of which DHA - 40 mg; GABA -10 mg; phosphatidylserine - 5 mg; vitamin B1 - 1 mg; vitamin B6 -1 mg; vitamin B12 -1.5 mcg; pantothenic acid - 3 mp

Directions for use: Take 2 tablets 1 time per day before or during meals, drink plenty of water.


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