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Green Juice Isomaltodextrin Drink ORIHIRO

  • ORIHIRO Orihiro Green Juice - Benefits
  • The Japanese drink has many health benefits:
  • • reduces high blood pressure;
  • • strengthens a weakened immune system;
  • • improves memory and thinking;
  • • enhances concentration of attention;
  • • helps fight diabetes;
  • • prevents the development of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • This Japanese drink will be the best helper in the fight for your health and well-being. This will not only help control your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, but it will also lower your risk of developing many diseases.

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/4-7 days - North America/2-7 - days Asia/3-10 - days Europe/

At the same time, the unique Green Juice drink, developed by the famous Japanese company ORIHIRO, will help to cope with high blood pressure, high sugar and blood cholesterol. The Japanese dietary supplement is based on several main components: aojiru, isomaltodextrin, GABA.

Composition and action

ORIHIRO Green Juice is completely natural and safe. Japanese vitamin includes the following components:

1. GABA. Improves blood circulation and promotes rapid glucose utilization. It removes accumulated toxins from the body, normalizes the level of blood pressure. Saturates tissues with oxygen.

2. Isomaltodextrin. Regulates blood glucose levels. Reduces the absorption of fat from food.

3. Leaves of barley. Saturate cells with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. Helps cope with hunger, control appetite. Aojiru green juice is obtained from barley leaves. It is fully capable of replacing vitamin complexes, since it contains a huge number of components necessary for the full functioning of the body. This drug is made in Japan, where almost everyone takes it, making life expectancy in this country higher than in the rest. Aojiru has a beneficial effect on absolutely the entire human body: it improves the condition of the skin, gives hair strength and shine, nails become strong and grow quickly, and you can forget about problems with joints. The advantages of this drink are that it can be taken not only by adults, but also by children, ensuring the full growth and development of the younger generation.

4. Mulberry. Mulberry leaves are a source of vitamins, tannins and flavonoids. They are able to saturate the human body with carotene, vitamin C, essential oils. It is also a natural source of active calcium, which is necessary for the full functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Due to its rich composition, green juice based on mulberry leaves has the following positive properties: strengthens the nervous system, increases stress resistance, gives a good mood; tones up the body, gives strength, increases endurance; strengthens the immune system, protects the body from the penetration of viruses and bacteria; improves skin condition - combats dryness, flaking and rashes, eliminates signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles, gives youth and freshness:

the visual apparatus - protects the retina, prevents a decrease in visual acuity during prolonged work on a computer; accelerates metabolic processes in the body; is a powerful antioxidant - it removes free radicals and toxins from the body, ensuring the preservation of health and youth; fights mood swings, headaches; enhances sexual desire, normalizes the production of sex hormones; reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood; accelerates the breakdown of fat cells, which helps to lose weight faster and gain a toned body; thins the blood, normalizes blood pressure indicators; normalizes sugar levels, reduces sugar cravings, has a relaxing and mild sedative effect.

5. Japanese bamboo. Green juice obtained from bamboo leaves has the following beneficial properties: strengthens the immune system; facilitates the course of bronchial asthma, reduces the number of attacks; increases efficiency, gives strength and energy; destroys pathogenic bacteria and viruses; reduces the likelihood of developing allergies, accelerates recovery; strengthens hair and nails; makes the skin healthier and fresher; accelerates the conduction of impulses along the nerve fibers; improves cognitive function; improves brain function, normalizes the ability to memorize and reproduce information; has powerful anti-aging properties; prevents the development of oncological processes; cleanses the body of toxins, toxic compounds, free radicals. Cleans the liver of toxins, relieves spasms of smooth muscles; improves the functions of the reproductive system in women, normalizes the menstrual cycle; has a general tonic effect.

Ingredients: isomaltodextrin 2.13 g, young barley leaf powder, mulberry leaf powder, bamboo powder, GABA 12.5 mg.

Directions for use: 1 stick (5 g) with a meal, once a day, diluted with about 100 ml of warm or cold water.


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