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/4-7 days - North America/2-7 - days Asia/3-10 - days Europe/


Orihiro Night Diet Tea (for 20 days)


Orihiro Night Diet Tea is an evening diet tea that helps to lose weight over a short period of time, maintain slimness and attractiveness, and it also tastes good. Herbal composition of rooibos, ginger and chamomile is rich in useful microelements, vitamins and amino acids гѓ¬ that increase energy and efficiency during a diet. The main ingredients of tea rejuvenate the body and have antimicrobial and bactericidal effects, as well as strengthen the immune system. Tea is useful for improving digestion and metabolic processes, it eliminates unpleasant and painful sensations, helps prevent colic, ulcers and gastritis. The drug regulates the endocrine system and establishes hormonal balance. It has antioxidant properties, cleanses from toxins, toxins, neutralizes free radicals, and prevents the appearance of cancer. Tea helps in the fight against colds, it speeds up the healing process and helps prevent the breakdown of the disease at its first symptoms, as well as cure inflammation. The tool stimulates the nervous system and promotes optimal conduction of impulses through the fibers to the brain.


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/4-7 days - North America/2-7 - days Asia/3-10 - days Europe/

How to use: Put one tea bag in 250 ml of boiling water for 2-3 minutes, wait until it is brewed.

Ingredients: rooibos, ginger sauce, chamomile, golden ginger powder, citrulline, ornithine / glycine, arginine, lysine


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