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/4-7 days - North America/2-7 - days Asia/3-10 - days Europe/


ORIHIRO Pu-erh tea 60 bags


High quality Orihiro Pu'er Tea is produced according to certified technology. Each tea leaf is carefully selected. After sorting, all leaves undergo high-temperature instant sterilization. This allows you to disinfect tea leaves without destroying their aroma and beneficial properties. Pu-erh gives a boost of vivacity for the whole day. Tea is a strong antioxidant, providing a general strengthening effect on the body, helps immunity and digestion, normalizes blood pressure, and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Method of application: brew one sachet in 1 liter of water for 30-60 seconds or cook for 2-3 minutes.

Ingredients: Pu-erh tea 100%.


  EMS Japan

/4-7 days - North America/2-7 - days Asia/3-10 - days Europe/

Pu-erh is an indispensable drink for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is the only tea that is not only not prohibited, but also recommended for people with duodenal ulcers and stomach ulcers. It improves the work of intestinal peristalsis, restores microflora, thanks to the properties acquired during long-term fermentation. Pu-erh is indicated for various types of poisoning. With regular consumption of pu-erh, blood viscosity decreases, which is very important for people suffering from thrombophlebitis


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